Open-source pulse sequences  
Easily create and execute MR sequences
MATLAB toolbox

A MATLAB interface is provided through the mr toolbox. The toolbox contains stand-alone functions for generating common sequence blocks suitable for MRI or spectroscopy such as selective RF pulses, trapezoid gradients and ADC readout events. The Sequence class maintains all sequence data in a compressed form and provides methods to read/write sequence files or modify blocks directly. Sequences are executed on real MR hardware using vendor-specific interpreter modules.


MGradient echo sequenceGenerate a GRE sequence and export for execution.
  MArbitrary RF pulsesGenerate sequecne with a 2D RF pulse and export for execution.
  MRead sequenceRead file and visualise the MR sequence.


MSequenceMATLAB class for generating, reading and writing MR sequences.


McalcDuration Calculate the duration of a block.
McompressShape Compress a waveform using a run-length compression scheme.
MdecompressShape Decompress a shape to the original waveform.
MmakeAdc Create an ADC readout event.
MmakeArbitraryGrad Create an arbitrary gradient shape.
MmakeArbitraryRf Create an arbitrary RF pulse.
MmakeDelay Create a delay event.
MmakeBlockPulse Create a constant (block) RF pulse and optionally the slice-select gradient.
MmakeSincPulse Create a sinc RF pulse and optionally the slice-select gradient.
MmakeTrapezoid Create a trapezoid gradient event.