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SeqBlock Class Reference

Sequence block. More...

#include <ExternalSequence.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SeqBlock ()
bool isRF ()
 Return true if block has RF event.
bool isTrapGradient (int channel)
 Return true if block has trapezoid event on given channel.
bool isArbitraryGradient (int channel)
 Return true if block has arbitrary event on given channel.
bool isADC ()
 Return true if block has ADC readout event.
bool isDelay ()
 Return true if block has delay.
int GetIndex ()
 Return index of this block.
int GetEventIndex (Event type)
 Return ID of the corresponding given event type. More...
long GetDelay ()
 Return delay of block.
long GetDuration ()
 Return duration of block.
int GetGradientLength (int channel)
 Return the number of samples of the given gradient channel. Only relevant for arbitrary gradients.
GradEventGetGradEvent (int channel)
 Return the gradient event of the given channel.
float * GetGradientPtr (int channel)
 Directly get a pointer to the samples of the arbitrary gradient.
RFEventGetRFEvent ()
 Return the RF event.
int GetRFLength ()
 Return the number of samples of the RF shape.
float * GetRFAmplitudePtr ()
 Directly get a pointer to the samples of the RF amplitude shape.
float * GetRFPhasePtr ()
 Directly get a pointer to the samples of the RF phase shape.
ADCEventGetADCEvent ()
 Return the ADC event.
std::string GetTypeString ()
 Return a brief string description of the block.
void free ()
 Free the memory associated with decompressed shapes of this block.

Protected Attributes

int index
 Index of this block.
int events [NUM_EVENTS]
 list of event indices (RF, GX, GY, GZ, ADC)
long delay
 delay of this block (in us)
long duration
 duration of this block (in us) used for error checking
RFEvent rf
 RF event.
GradEvent grad [NUM_GRADS]
 gradient events
ADCEvent adc
 ADC event.
std::vector< float > rfAmplitude
 RF amplitude shape (uncompressed)
std::vector< float > rfPhase
 RF phase shape (uncompressed)
std::vector< std::vector< float > > gradWaveforms
 Arbitrary gradient shapes for each channel (uncompressed)


class ExternalSequence

Detailed Description

Sequence block.

A class representing a custom sequence block. As a minimum the class stores the indices of the events occurring in this block. However, the object can also store a complete description of the block after it is decompressed.


Member Function Documentation

int SeqBlock::GetEventIndex ( Event  type)

Return ID of the corresponding given event type.

typeType of event

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